Airdata Drone Management & Live Streaming Platform

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  • Simple and Intuitive Drone Fleet Management
  • Review and Analyze Flight Data With Realtime Playback
  • Track and Maintain Drone Equipment Inventory
  • Allows For Multiple Pilot Accounts
  • Set Alerts For Maintenance Services & Safety Concerns
  • Easily Generate Logs and Reports

The Airdata Drone Management and Flight Analysis platform is a must-have tool for any commercial drone pilot. The platform makes uploading flight logs extremely easy and turns those flight logs into actionable data, letting you know when a specific drone or battery in your fleet is due for maintenance. It also has the option to add an easy-to-use live stream feature, allowing you to stream your flight app screen back to headquarters anywhere with an internet connection.

Data Sync

Automatically Upload Flight Logs

  • Get immediate visibility to the performance of your aircraft.
  • Identify potential issues with your flight.
  • Eliminate manual recording of flight information.
  • Reduce data entry errors.

Download the HD Sync App

  • Available on both Android and iOS.
  • Setup your auto-upload token.
  • Upload your flights directly to the Airdata platform.

Flight Analysis

Drones are increasingly capable but also increasingly complex. Different systems on the aircraft generate large amounts of data. Pilots are also required to be hyper-aware of their flight environment, and, at the same time, focused on flying the aircraft. In order to understand the health of your drone and ensure safe flights, an advanced analysis of a wide variety of data is required.

Easily Review Each Flight

Watch a moment by moment replay of each flight. With variable playback speeds, running metrics and realtime control stick inputs, Airdata provides accurate data at every point along the displayed flight path. This vital information helps with visually analyzing flights and aiding in recognizing errors or discrepancies. You can even view a 3D version of the flight path in Google Earth.

Flight Overview

See a snapshot of the flight with helpful data, such as: date, flight air time, aircraft name, takeoff and landing battery levels, distance flown, altitude readings, max battery temps, warnings, and more!

Battery Performance

Get detailed graphs and readings for a battery's performance on a specific flight.


See a GPS satellite count for the flight and any compass errors that would indicate service or calibration needed.

Download Flights

Quickly download a flight in various formats, or create a Report to download multiple flights.

Reporting, Compliance, & Checklists

Save time and ensure reporting efficacy with Airdata UAV’s reporting. Generate reports for submission to civil aviation authorities, or detailed operational reports by flight date range, pilot, drone, or battery. Airdata UAV provides templates for easy reporting, as well as the ability to build customized reports to fit your business needs.


  • Generate customized operational reports.
  • Meet regulatory reporting requirements.
  • Create FAA COA reports. (*)
  • Maintenance reports for equipment.
  • Download reports in various file formats.
  • Save templates for quick access and reuse.
  • Schedule reports to run periodically.


  • Pre & Post flight checklists for safety and compliance.
  • Customizable for organization-specific needs.
  • Complete on the Airdata mobile app or on the web.


Is your drone 'Airworthy'?

Manage the maintenance of your aircraft and batteries with seamless tracking of usage, recommended service schedules, and maintenance reports.
Airdata UAV allows operators to see where their equipment is in its maintenance cycle and better manage their fleet.

Battery / Drone Maintenance Records

Maintain the health and integrity of your equipment with routine maintenance.

Recommended Services

Airdata provides detailed service templates based off of manufacturer recommendations and their professional experience.

Record Keeping

Get notified about upcoming services due and create reports containing completed service records.


Set tolerance levels to monitor aircraft equipment and environmental factors that can impact flight performance. Airdata UAV will alert pilots when thresholds are exceeded.

Notifications On Critical Issues

Airdata also allows for other custom alerts to be set such as pilots taking off with a battery under a certain threshold. Example: users can set an alert to get a notification if any of their pilots have a flight and take off with a battery below 30%.


Collaboration is key in a fleet environment. Easily share reports, logs and flight data to ensure your entire team has all the essential information needed to maintain safe and efficient operations.

Share Your Flight

  • Select what information is shared.
  • Choose who to share the flight with.
  • Create a unique sharing link.

Collaborate With Others

  • Troubleshoot in-flight issues.
  • Identify areas with high levels of interference.
  • Showcase your flight.

* - For more information on COA's please visit: COA Information Page

  • Access to Airdata drone management platform

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