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DJI Care Enterprise: Tailored Protection for Your DJI Fleet

At AerialMediaPros, we understand that your drones are vital to your operations. That's why we're proud to offer DJI Care Enterprise—a comprehensive service plan designed to keep your fleet airborne with confidence. DJI Care Enterprise is more than just an insurance policy; it's a promise of uninterrupted productivity and protection for your DJI Enterprise drones.

Comprehensive Fleet Protection

DJI Care Enterprise offers an all-encompassing safeguard for your fleet, ensuring that your operations continue smoothly, even in the face of accidental damage. From water damage to collision and signal interference, DJI Care Enterprise ensures that you have the backing you need to fly fearlessly. With options for unlimited replacements and dedicated repair services, you can rest assured that your enterprise drones are always ready for action.

Simplified Workflow with Unlimited Sharing Coverage

Minimize downtime and streamline your operational workflow with DJI Care Enterprise's shared coverage. Protect an unlimited number of drones with one account, binding new purchases with ease. This approach to drone protection amplifies efficiency, allowing you to focus on what you do best—running your business.

Plan Options to Suit Every Need

DJI Care Enterprise Basic vs. DJI Care Enterprise Plus

Choose the plan that fits your operational demands. DJI Care Enterprise Basic is perfect for those looking for a balance of protection and cost-effectiveness, offering two replacements at a nominal fee. For those who need the ultimate in protection, DJI Care Enterprise Plus provides unlimited replacements at no additional cost, along with the convenience of shared coverage for your entire fleet.


DJI Care Enterprise Basic Features:

  • Replacement Service: Limited to 2 instances.
  • Replacement Fee: Affordable, low cost.
  • Renewal: Available through DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renew plan.

DJI Care Enterprise Plus Features:

  • Sharing Service: Available for entire fleet.
  • Number of Replacements: Unlimited.
  • Replacement Fee: Complimentary.
  • Renewal: Available through DJI Care Enterprise Plus Renew plan.

Effortless Service Experience

Free Delivery and Wide-Ranging Support

DJI values your experience and offers free delivery for all shipping related to DJI Care Enterprise service usage, within the regions covered by the plan. DJI Care Enterprise supports a variety of products, from advanced Matrice series drones to precision Zenmuse imaging systems. For a complete list of supported models or to purchase DJI Care Enterprise, please contact AerialMediaPros at (888) 557-6791 or email

Global Reach and Reliable Maintenance

Accessible Service Plans and Standard Maintenance Included

DJI Care Enterprise is available in numerous countries, providing global support that matches the scale of your operations. In addition to coverage, certain drone models come with the perk of free maintenance service when purchasing DJI Care Enterprise, ensuring your fleet is not only protected but also well-maintained.


Coverage Periods and Availability:

  • DJI Care Enterprise Basic: 12-month period.
  • DJI Care Enterprise Plus: 12-month period.
  • DJI Care Enterprise Basic (2-Year Plan): Extended 24-month coverage.

Service plans cover a variety of regions, ensuring that whether you're flying in the U.S., Canada, the UK, EU countries, or beyond, you have the protection you need. With DJI Care Enterprise, available on AerialMediaPros Online Store, you can ensure the operational excellence and the longevity of your drone fleet.