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Aerial Media Pros Public Safety Drone Tether

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Aerial Media Pros Public Safety Drone Tether


Aerial Media Pros Public Safety Drone Tether

Quick Overview

  • Install and uninstall in the field in seconds

  • 50 m standard cable length

  • Automatic cable management keeps a constant tension on the cable

  • Made and serviced in America

  • Includes Public Safety training necessary for safe and legal operation of tethered drone systems

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Blue Vigil RS1000C Base (BRM included)

Blue Vigil Matrice Accessory Package

DJI Matrice 200 - TB55 Intelligent Flight Battery (7660mAh)

Enterprise UAS Public Safety Tether Training

1 x Blue Vigil RS1000C Base (BRM included)   +$7,200.00
1 x Blue Vigil Matrice Accessory Package   +$500.00
2 x DJI Matrice 200 - TB55 Intelligent Flight Battery (7660mAh)   +$950.00

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The Aerial Media Pros Public Safety Drone Tether System is the best system for Police, Fire Departments, and more that need a continuous aerial perspective. This system negates the need to bring your aircraft down every twenty minutes or so to swap out batteries by giving you the power to stay in the air for as long as you need.

Unlimited Flight Time

No more downtime while swapping out batteries! Connected to the Blue Vigil tether your drone will have unlimited flight time

Launch & Leave

Once at the desired altitude, compatible drones will generally hold their position without needing constant operator input

Continuous Power

With generator, inverter or household power input, the system provide continuous power to the drone


  • Evaluate crime scenes and vehicle collision efficiently.
  • Law enforcement can monitor crowd situations.
  • Fire officials can identify hot spots.
  • Area surveillance and tactical overview.


  • Perform reconnaissance and aerial surveillance missions.
  • Protect a person or area with extended aerial views.


  • Surveillance of fixed positions and perimeters
  • Monitoring protracted barricade/hostage situation
  • Weather monitoring
  • Hazmat incidents
  • Lighting
  • Situational awareness at events (concerts, festivals, parades)
  • Eye-in-the-sky camera position for televising and recording sports events
  • Reconnaissance in hazardous/inaccessible environments
  • Monitoring vehicular traffic conditions
  • Scene safety/force protection
  • Film production
  • Aerial platform for lights, sensors, and antennas
    • 1x Blue Vigil RS1000C Base
    • 1x Blue Vigil Battery Replacement Module (BRM)
    • 1x Matrice 200 BRM Mount
    • 1x Matrice 200 Tether Brace
    • 1x Matrice 200 Interface Module
    • 2x TB55 Batteries Modified for compatibility with Blue Vigil Tether System
    • 1-Day Aerial Media Pros Public Safety Tether System Training
    • 1500 W of sustained power
    • Peak power output of 1600 W
    • System accepts 110 V-240 V AC input