Freewell ND1000 Long Exposure Filter for DJI Air 2S

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  • Unmatched optics: Tailor-made for DJI Air 2S for perfect compatibility.
  • Gimbalsafe technology: Lightweight design ensures no impact on gimbal performance.
  • Advanced protection: Dustproof, scratchproof, and oilproof with color-neutral coating for pristine image quality.
  • Magnetic filter case: Offers secure storage and protection.
  • Ideal for long exposure: Achieve stunning long-exposure photography with ease

Elevate your DJI Air 2S drone photography with the Freewell ND1000 Long Exposure Filter, a premium accessory designed for unparalleled long exposure shots. Crafted with precision, the Freewell 4K Series optics are tailor-made to complement your Air 2S Drone, offering unmatched clarity and quality.

The filter utilizes Freewell's GimbalSafe technology, ensuring its lightweight frame does not adversely affect your drone's gimbal, preserving the smoothness and stability of your aerial shots. With its advanced coating, the filter stands up against dust, scratches, and oil, all while maintaining color neutrality to capture the world in its true colors. Ideal for outdoor shooting, this ND1000 filter allows you to achieve those mesmerizing long exposure effects with ease, making it a must-have for any drone enthusiast looking to push their creative boundaries.

Additionally, the filter comes housed in a robust magnetic case, providing superior protection and easy storage. Compatible exclusively with the DJI Air 2S, this Freewell filter is the key to unlocking new levels of photographic excellence from the skies.

Freewell Neutral Density Filter Specifications

  • Compatibility: DJI Air 2S Drone
  • Stops

  • Freewell ND1000 Long Exposure Filter
  • Magnetic Filter Case
  • Freewell Lifetime Limited Warranty

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