Go Professional Cases All-Terrain Wheels

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  • Perfect for pilots that operate in rugged environments
  • Compatible with many GPC cases
  • Quick & easy installation

Do you take your GPC case over rough terrain? Gravel, hard sand, tall weeds, rocks, rough trails or no trails at all can be challenging when carrying your equipment in a protective GPC case with standard wheels. You asked for a solution and GPC developed it.

The GPC All-Terrain Wheels are 3D printed with Onyx with continuous fiberglass which is incredibly light and strong. This patent-pending snap-on design allows you to transform your rugged case into a very versatile transport system for the environments you encounter. Whether you are a first responder, videographer, utilities/mining inspector, agricultural analyst, or any professional who must carry equipment over rough terrain, this wheelset is a must-have.

The 10” never-flat tires just snap on and off with no modification to your case. GPC designed them to eliminate any attachment moving parts. We know that dirt, sand, weeds and all of nature would want to get in those moving parts. The wheel assembly has only 3 parts; the 2-wheel assemblies and an axel. Note: the wheel hub color varies between white and red.

Currently, the wheels fit GPC Inspire 2, Matrice 200, 210 & 100, Phantom 4 -RTK (not SUR) and Phantom P4 Props On cases.


  • GPC-DJI-M210-XTS
  • GPC-DJI-I2T-2C
  • GPC-DJI-M200-2
  • GPC-DJI-P4-PRO-P-1
  • GPC-DJI-Ronin-MX-1
  • GPC-DJI-M600-BTRY-24
  • GPC-Parrot-Disco-Bebop2-Combo
  • GPC-Yuneec-Typhoon H-2
  • GPC-DJI-Matrice-100-2
  • GPC-Yuneec-Q500-V2
  • GPC-DJI-Ronin-M

  • 2 Wheel assemblies
  • 1 axel

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