The AR25 has “race red” rear facing LEDs, as well as 14 fully programmable RGB LEDs integrated seamlessly into the side panels of the aircraft.  With 10+ color choices, the side panels are completely customizable to your style preference.  Let your opponents see how far you are ahead of the pack!


Engineered from the ground up,  the AR25 boasts four Allied Racing 2205 Special Edition hollow-shaft race motors.  It is the perfect blend of elegant design and high end performance, not to mention the 2300Kv of pure speed.


The airframe of each AR25 is infused with an extremely tough ABS/Polycarbonate composite core and 4mm carbon fiber booms which secure FR4 power/signal distribution plates.  Less time for repair, more time in the air.


The Allied Racing flight system is based on the Seriously Dodo F3 flight controller, allowing you to get as much as possible out of your AR25 FPV racing experience.  Coupled with the power of Cleanflight or Betaflight, the F3 flight controller is the pinnacle of racing performance.


Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and 2D Noise Reduction (2DNR) combine to give superb image clarity and definition even in cloudy or other weak light conditions. With 5.8 real time image transmission and recording, the AR25 600TVL camera also transmits necessary telemetry to an On Screen Display including: battery level, attitude, compass and altitude.


Allied Racing batteries are optimized for the weight and ESC/Motor combination on the AR25.  Packed with vibration-proof & fire-proof material, each battery is built using a cell matching process to ensure stability and reliability.  By far the best professional battery for the course.


The AR25 is compatible with all professional use radio control systems, so you have the flexibility to choose the transmitter that fits you best.  Our custom tuned F3 flight controllers support PWM, PPM, Sbus, and Spektrum based receivers