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QUICK VIEWMotor 2212

Motor 2212

QUICK VIEWMotor 2212 cap(10PCS)

Motor 2212 cap(10PCS)

QUICK VIEWT Motor U7 490KV Motor

T Motor U7 490KV Motor

QUICK VIEWT Motor U5 400KV Motor

T Motor U5 400KV Motor

QUICK VIEWKDE Direct 7215XF-135 HP 24-Pole Multi-Rotor Brushless Motor (135kV)

KDE Direct 7215XF-135 HP 24-Pole Multi-Rotor Brushless Motor (135kV)

This is the KDE 7215XF-135 High Performance 24-Pole Multi-Rotor Brushless Motor. The 7215XF-135 Multi-Rotor Brushless Motor is an extremely powerful motor developed for multi-rotor and sUAS heavy-lift applications, and was designed to bring high-quality, efficient, vibration-free motors to the market. The motors are designed with performance and durability in-mind, with features unseen in the current market: (1) high-grade, 240°C (464°F) high-temperature solid-core copper windings for failure-free operation in extreme-climates, (2) Japanese-built, 0.2mm silicon-steel stator laminations with Kevlar tie-wraps for high-efficiency performance, and (3) triple-bearing supported, ABEC-7 bearings for maintenance-free and worry-free flying for hundreds of hours.

QUICK VIEWPart5 Phantom 2 Vision Motor(CCW)

Part5 Phantom 2 Vision Motor(CCW)

QUICK VIEWPart6 Phantom 2 Vision Motor(CW)

Part6 Phantom 2 Vision Motor(CW)