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Aerial Media Pros Titan X8 Heavy Lift (RTF) Drone

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Aerial Media Pros Titan X8 Heavy Lift (RTF) Drone


  • Titan X8 Heavy Lift (RTF)

Titan X8 Heavy Lift (RTF)

  • Titan X8 Heavy Lift (RTF)

Quick Overview

  • Built-in redundancies for when on-board electronics, global positioning system, motors, or propellers cease to function as intended

  • Each arm with dual motors, ESCs, and propellers operate in sync to provide the exceptional performance of the Titan X8 but also act as failsafes should the unthinkable happen

  • Integrated power distribution back plane (PDB) provides safe, high current distribution in a compact package.

  • Designed and built in USA

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Aerial Media Pros Titan X8 Heavy Lift (ARTF) Drone

TATTU 22000mAh 6S 25C Lipo Battery (AS150)

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The Titan X8 is an advanced heavy-lift drone designed for applications that require high performance, safety, flexibility, and reliability. The craft offers dual battery failsafe and eight high-efficiency motors in an X8 configuration for maximum redundancy. With its lightweight construction and power optimizations, the craft can fly for over 43 minutes with no payload and carry payloads of up to 6.5Kg.

The Titan X8 is a versatile unmanned aerial system suitable for a wide range of applications such as search and rescue (SAR), film-making, inspection, mapping, surveying, and airdrops. The platform is adaptable to support many payloads including stabilized EO/IR, DSLR cameras and most gimbal solutions.

The craft is designed, assembled, and tested in the US for maximum reliability and support. The drone uses aircraft grade aluminum and enhanced tensile strength carbon fiber for increased robustness. As an added feature, the craft is modular to allow fast infield replacements of spare arms and legs for missions that are time sensitive and cannot wait for maintenance or repairs. The Titan X8 RTF solution is engineered to be compact for easy transport using rugged military grade cases that can fit in most sedan cars, SUVs and trucks.

Want extra batteries?

The Titan X8 requires two batteries to operate, please keep that in mind when purchasing additional batteries. For battery specs and pricing, please visit our Tattu 22,000 mAh product page.

  • Titan X8 Airframe (With Retractable Legs)
  • Advanced Power Distribution Board
  • PixHawk 1 Flight Control System
  • 2.4 GHz xDrones Taranis X9E Radio Transmitter (With monitor mount & BlueTooth Enabled)
  • 915 MHz Telemetry Radio (Air / Ground)
  • 9" HD Smart Monitor (Flight Telemetry Data Operations)
  • (2x) 22,000 mAH LiPo Flight Packs
  • Drone Transport Case (with custom foam)
  • Frame Materials
Carbon Fiber & Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Aircraft Dimensions
1668 mm x 1518 mm x 759 mm
  • Diagonal Wheelbase Motor Center To Motor Center)
1041 mm
  • Total Weight (Including Batteries)
12.5 kg
  • Total Weight (Not Including Batteries)
7.5 kg
  • Max Payload
6.5 kg
  • Max Takeoff Weight
19 kg
  • Landing Gear Options
Retractable or Fixed


  • Motor Size
U8 KV170
  • Motor KV Rating
170 rpm/V
  • Motor Peak Current
  • Motor Peak Power
  • Motor Weight
240g (each)
  • Motor Dimensions
86mm x 26.5mm


  • ESC Working Current
  • ESC Working Voltage
6S LiPo
  • ESC Signal Frequency
  • ESC Weight
  • ESC Size (L*W*H)


  • Propeller Material
Carbon Fiber
  • Propeller Size
28 x 9.2 inch
  • Propeller Weight

Flight Parameters

  • Max Cruise Speed
14m/s ( Adjustable )
  • Max Angular Velocity
Pitch 320/s Yaw 150/s
  • Max Pitch/Roll Angle
30 Degrees
  • Max Wind Speed
8 m/s
  • Flight Control System
  • ADS-B ( Optional )
  • Control Functions

Auto Take-Off / Landing
Auto Return to Home
GPS Waypoints
Alt Hold


  • Battery Voltage
  • Battery Capacity
22,000mAh ( 2x units )
  • Battery Discharge Rate


  • Remote Control Frequency
2.4 GHz
  • Remote Control Range LOS
2 km
  • Telemetry Frequency
915 MHz
  • Telemetry Range LOS
6 km ( Adjustable )