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As more public safety agencies begin to purchase and use unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in their daily work routine we have put together training options to support these operations. Our three training packages are taught by flight instructors with years of flying UAS for large metropolitan public safety departments. Government agencies (Police, fire, search and rescue) can either fly under Certificated Remote Pilots (Part 107) or with an FAA COA. We will assist your organization in filing a COA, preparing your pilots for the FAA Knowledge Test (Part 107), and establish processes for managing aircraft under COA (registration, maintenance schedule, flight log management).


Two Day UAS Pilot In-Person Training
uas pilot training

UAS Pilot - Licensing and Training (2 Day)

Looking to get your organization flying? The enterprise UAS pilot training courses provide everything your future pilots need before taking off. From basic skills training all the way to agriculture industry multispectral data gathering the Enterprise UAS pilot training courses provide everything your team needs to harness the power of UAS. We can custom tailor training options depending on the goals of your organization. Our drone trainers will fly out to your location and give your team the proper instruction they need to get your organization flying in the right direction.

    • Part 107 Test Prep Online / In Person

    • FAA Testing Center Scheduling and Fees included

    • Guaranteed to pass (up to 2 tries each)

    • 1-Day Basic Flight Skills Training (Hands-On)

    • 1-Day Basic DJI Payload (Zenmuse XT Training)

  • A lost-link procedures document

    • NIST/NFPA 2400 Test Lane Setup Guidance

    • Build Materials not Included

    • Learn to document and proctor exams

    • Record and report testing results and times

Public Safety Training Options (Choose 2-4 options)

    • Emergency Incident Management Monitoring Natural Disasters

    • Search and Rescue + Payload Release

    • Firefighting and Hotspot Observation Identification of Hazardous materials (HAZMAT)

    • Crime Scene & Accident Reconstruction

    • Pre/Post-Disaster Photos and Documentation

  • SWAT & Indoor Tactical Flying

Energy Industry Training Options (Choose 2 options)

    • Powerline

    • Solar Panel

    • Wind Turbine

AG Industry Training Options (Choose 2 options)

    • senseFly eBee X Training

    • Assess crop stress and growth overtime

    • Learn Pix4Dfields software

    • Learn Micasense multispectral imaging

    • DJI Zenmuse XT2

    • DJI Zenmuse Z30

    • DJI Cendence + Cystalsky

    • Understanding Thermography & IR Camera Settings

    • Basic flight skills training

    • Customize from any options above

    • Or request specialized training from an instructor in your industry
Two Day UAS Program Development
UAS Program Development

UAS Program - Creation and Development (2 Day)

Does your organization already have drone training but wants to get a certificate of authorization (COA)? Our trainers have been through the COA process and know the proper way to fill out the documents to comply with FAA regulations. Browse our selection of COA and program development packages below.

    • Building your program around a Blanket COA

    • Includes necessary SOGs/SOPs

    • Includes processes for Flight Log Management

    • Includes process for NOTAM/LAANC procedures

    • QEP for Public Safety Packages

    • Upgrade your Blanket COA to Jurisdictional COA

    • Includes new process (SOGs/SOPs) for COA upgrade

    • Set Up Standard Operating Procedures

    • Training New Pilots Program Development

    • Maintenance Schedule Program Development

    • Standardized Preflight UAS Checklists

    • Flight Logs and Data Management

    • Crew Resource Management

    • Customize from any options above

    • Or request specialized training from an instructor in your industry
UAS Program Review Consulting
UAS Program Review Consulting

UAS Program Review – Update and Review

Thinking about expanding your COA or looking to get a waiver for your organization? Our team of trainers know the procedures to stay up to date with the latest FAA regulations. Expand your program or have us audit your existing program to ensure FAA compliance and safety.

    • Add Missions / Pilots

    • Add Air Craft - specifications, new procedures

    • Expand Area of Operations

    • Update training procedures

Add waivers (can't do all at once)

    • Fly at night

    • Fly over people

    • Flying from a moving aircraft or vehicle in populated areas

    • Check batteries, props, payloads, drones

    • Check maintenance log

    • Troubleshoot hardware problems

    • $400 for hardware credit

    • Training on new drone hardware

    • Audit overall program operations

    • Maintain program compliance under changing FAA regulations

    • Customize from any options above

    • Or request specialized training from an instructor in your industry