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EcoFlow RIVER Bank

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EcoFlow RIVER Bank


  • EcoFlow River Bank
  • EcoFlow RIVER Bank Main Module
  • EcoFlow RIVER Bank

EcoFlow River Bank

  • EcoFlow River Bank
  • EcoFlow RIVER Bank Main Module
  • EcoFlow RIVER Bank

Quick Overview

  • Customizable power station

  • Airplane Friendly

  • Stack modules to suit your use

  • Wirelessly charge phones & tablets

  • 25,600mAh Lithium-Ion battery (94Wh)

  • Can be stacked above or recharged by other modules

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Ecoflow River Bank - Main Module

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  • Ecoflow River Bank - 15W Solar Charger

1 x Ecoflow River Bank - Main Module   +$199.99
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  • Ecoflow River Bank - Car Module

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  • Ecoflow River Bank - Case

  • Ecoflow River Bank - 15W Solar Charger

  • Ecoflow River Bank - Car Module

  • Ecoflow River Bank - Case



Introducing the EcoFlow RIVER Bank Portable Power Station, the world's first customizable portable power station that you can take anywhere.

Customize Your RIVER Bank: Combine The RIVER Bank With the AC Booster or Car Booster

Stack modules to fit your charging needs. RIVER Bank is the largest capacity (up to 200Wh, 51,200mAh) rechargeable battery in the world that you can take anywhere.

Charge Wirelessly, via USB and USB-C, and Transfer Your Files On The RIVER Bank

RIVER Bank supports 10W wireless charging. Compatible with Qi standard devices (iPhone 8/8+/X, Samsung S9, etc). And transfer your files between devices using the USB and USB-C ports.

Power Your Devices With The AC Booster


RIVER Bank is the fastest portable charger out there. Plug your gear into the AC and USB-C ports to achieve greater capacity.

Jump-Start Your Vehicle With The Car Booster

RIVER Bank can jump-start a vehicle (4.0L/28T gasoline or 3.5L diesel) up to 10 times. Great for emergencies when you really need power on-the-go.

Know Your Power

RIVER Bank's smart technology shows you exactly how much power your individual devices are using and how much have left in storage.

  • 1 - Battery Percentage
  • 2 - Battery Warning Indicator
  • 3 - Remaining Charge Time
  • 4 - High Temperature Indicator
  • 5 - Low Temperature Indicator
  • 6 - Current Watt Input
  • 7 - Current Watt Output
  • 8 - Overload Indicator
  • 9 - Port Usage Indicators

  • RIVER Bank does not power: Coffee Maker, Full Refrigerator, Hair-Dryer, Heater, Water Pump

    1x RIVER Bank Main Module
    Accessories of your choice (options above)

    RIVER Bank

    • Dimensions: 5.28” x 3.45” x 1.02” (17.6 x 11.5 x 3.4 cm)
    • Weight: 2.0 lbs (907 g)
    • Battery Life: 6 months
    • Cell Configurations: 8 cells
    • Charging Temperature: 32 F-113°F (0-45°C)
    • Operating Temperature: -4-140°F (-20-60°C)
    • Certification: FCC, CE, UN 38
    • Lifecycles: 500 times (depleted to 80% of original capacity)
    • Battery Cell Type: 18650 Li-ion LG battery
    • Capacity (mAh): 25,600 mAh @3.7V
    • Capacity (Wh): 94 Wh
    • Ports: Two (2) USB-C ports, Two (2) USB Ports, One (1) Wireless Charging Pad
    • USB-C Output: 60W per port / 120W total
    • USB Output: 24W per port/ 48W total
    • AC Output: N/A
    • Wireless Charging: 10W Quick Charge compatible with Qi standard devices
    • Car Jump Starter Port: N/A
    • Data Transfer Hub: Yes – 1 dedicated USB-C port works as USB Hub Host, 2 USB & 1 USB-C ports for file transfer
    • USB-C Input: 60W per port/ 120W total
    • Wall Charging: Yes
    • Universal Solar Panel Charging: Yes
    • Stackable Ability: Yes – stack either AC Booster or Car Booster beneath the RIVER Bank
    • Thermal & Overload Management: Yes
    • Real Time Display Screen: Yes
    • Minute-level Display Accuracy: Yes
    • Laptop Direct Charge: Yes
    • LED Screen: Biggest screen in power bank industry: shows Battery Percentage, Battery Warning Indicator, Remaining Charge Time, High/Low Temperature Indicator, Current Watt Input, Current Watt Output, Overload Indicator, Port Usage Indicators
    • Recharge from Sub Mobule: Sub modules can recharge RIVER Bank