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 Top Ultra HD 4K Models: DJI Zenmuse X5S, DJI Zenmuse X7


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    MFG#:DJI Focus - Remote Controller for Wireless Follow Focus System

    Quick Overview

    • Controls the Zenmuse X5 Gimbal/Camera
    • CAN-Bus Communication Port
    • Micro-USB Charging Port
    • 2.415 to 2.473 GHz Frequency
    MFG#:DJI Zenmuse X4S - ND4 Filter (Part No.7)

    Quick Overview

    • Reduces light by 2 stops
    • Effectively avoids over exposure
    • Captures great photos in a wider range of environments.
    • Compatible with Zenmuse X4S
    • Allows more control of the camera's aperture, exposure time and sensor sensitivity settings
  3. SKU#: S-DJI-P4P-ND4
    MFG#:DJI Phantom 4 Pro - ND4 Filter (Part No.73)

    Quick Overview

    • Optical Density of 0.6
    • Provides 2 Stops Light Reduction
    • 1/4 Light Transmittance
    • Enables Slower Shutter Speed


5 Item(s)