Autel EVO MAX 4T Gimbal Camera

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  • 4-in-1 imaging system: Combines two RGB cameras, a thermal camera, and a laser rangefinder for comprehensive operational capabilities.
  • 8K telephoto imaging: Captures high-resolution 8K still photos with a telephoto lens featuring an f/2.8 to f/4.8 aperture.
  • 4K wide-angle video: Records up to 4K video with an 85° field of view for expansive, detailed footage.
  • Advanced thermal imaging: Offers a 640 x 512 resolution with a thermal range of -4 to 140°F, including high and low-temperature alerts.
  • Precise distance measurement: Equipped with a laser rangefinder for accurate distance values, enhancing mission efficiency and safety.
  • Versatile application: Ideal for a range of critical tasks, including industrial inspection and first responder missions.

The Autel EVO Max 4T Gimbal Camera is a cutting-edge addition to the EVO Max series, designed to meet the demanding requirements of critical industrial and first responder missions. With its innovative 4-in-1 imaging technology, this gimbal camera offers unparalleled versatility and performance in a variety of operational environments. It integrates two RGB lenses for high-resolution photography and videography, a thermal camera for effective night and temperature-sensitive operations, and a laser rangefinder for precise distance measurements.

The telephoto lens boasts an impressive f/2.8 to f/4.8 aperture, capable of capturing 8K still images with remarkable clarity, while the wide-angle lens offers an 85° field of view with up to 4K video recording capabilities. The thermal camera's 640 x 512 resolution and a temperature detection range of -4 to 140°F make it an essential tool for search and rescue missions, allowing for high and low-temperature alerts along with detailed temperature reporting. The laser rangefinder complements these features by providing accurate distance measurements to assist in navigation and target location.

Whether it's for inspection, surveillance, or rescue operations, the EVO Max 4T Gimbal Camera is your go-to solution for advanced aerial imaging needs.

Specs Details
General Compatibility Autel Robotics EVO Max 4T
Camera Type Thermal
Thermal Imager Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
Infrared Temperature Measurement Accuracy +/- 3°C or Reading +/- 3%
Photo Size 640 x 512
Laser Rangefinder Measurement Accuracy +/- (3.3' / 1 m + D x 0.15%) (D is the Distance to a Vertical Surface)
Lens Focal Length (Telephoto) 11.8 to 43.3 mm (35 mm, Equivalent: 64-234 mm)
Focal Length (Wide) 4.5 mm (Equivalent: 23 mm)
Aperture (Telephoto) f/2.8 to f/4.8
Aperture (Wide) f/1.9
Focusing Distance (Telephoto) 16.4' / 5 m to Infinity
AF Motor (Wide) PDAF Focus
ISO Range Various ISO settings for different modes
Resolution Telephoto Max. Photo Size: 8000 x 6000, Wide Max. Video Size: 3840 x 2160
Power Source Battery (Built-In)
Operating Temperature -4 to 140°F / -20 to 60°C
Physical Specifications Cable Length, Dimensions, and Weight not specified by Manufacturer

  • Autel Robotics EVO Max 4T Gimbal Camera
  • Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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